2021 record year for used car sales in Belgium

2021 record year for used car sales in Belgium

A short supply of new cars and the implementation of new low emissions rules in Brussels helped drive a record number of used car purchases in 2021.

Last year, 709,605 cars changed owners, reports Traxio, industry federation for the new and used car sales and repair industry. The 2021 used car sales represent a 7.5% increase from the 2020 sales and a 1.3% increase over the pre-pandemic 2019 sales totals, DH News reported.

Ongoing problems sourcing parts – in particular the semiconductors used in the computer systems of modern cars – have resulted in long waiting times for new cars to be available at dealers. The tight supply of new cars encouraged record numbers of consumers to consider buying used vehicles.

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The Brussels Low Emission Zone tightened standards, now banning vehicles with Euro 4 diesel engines from driving in the capital. As a result, thousands of motorists were forced to change their cars. 

BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series top the list of vehicles most in demand on the European used car market. Other popular used cars are Volkswagon’s Golf and Passat models, the Audi A4 and A6, the Mercedes C-Class and E-Class, and the Opel Astra, according to Carvertical, a global car history company catering to the used car market.

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