Ryanair cancellations: Belgian government to take action over compensation fiasco

Ryanair cancellations: Belgian government to take action over compensation fiasco
Passengers boarding a Ryanair flight. Credit: Unsplash

The Belgian Secretary of State for Consumer Protection Eva De Bleeker is set to act against the Irish airline company Ryanair due to the complicated and unfair compensation claim system.

De Bleeker has asked the Belgian Economic Inspectorate to get in touch with the Irish authorities to take action against Ryanair, it was announced on Monday. She stated that Ryanair is actively stopping travellers from getting adequate compensation for cancelled flights.

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Cabin crew from the Irish airline initiated a strike in April that resulted in the cancellation of many of the airline's flights departing from Brussels or Charleroi airports. When the airline cancels a flight, travellers are entitled to alternative flights or to a refund.

Claiming compensation

In order to claim compensation, passengers have to fill in an online form but Ryanair's system is designed to make the process difficult.

The system works through a reservation number reference, which prevents travellers from jotting down the correct flight number.

It is an unfair practice when companies deliberately complicate the use of legal rights, which can result in sanctions.

If the offence is done by a foreign company, the Belgian Economic Inspection has the right to inform the foreign authorities concerned.

Travellers who have been impacted by Ryanair's system are invited to report their experiences to the Economic Inspectorate.

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