Drugged driver crashes into Schaerbeek school during police chase

Drugged driver crashes into Schaerbeek school during police chase
The car accident on Rue Verwée in Schaerbeek. Credit: Facebook

A driver crashed into the façade of a school in Schaerbeek while trying to escape a police patrol on Sunday. The man tried to run from police but was caught and tests showed he was under the influence of drugs.

The vehicle was spotted by police around 15:00 as it was zigzagging through the Navez district at a high speed. The officers wanted to check on the driver, and the incident turned into a chase, La Capitale reported.

The suspect's car hit another vehicle, after which he drove into the façade of a school on Rue Verwée. The school suffered no damage, police spokesperson Audrey Dereymaeker said.

After the accident, the driver attempted to flee but was pushed to the ground and handcuffed on the Place Pogge after several metres. The man was found to be under the influence of drugs and had already had his driver’s license revoked, Bruzz reported.

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He was admitted to the hospital for observation on Sunday. “He could not yet be questioned, but the man turned out to be banned from driving. He was driving a rented car,” Dereymaeker said.

In the meantime, the Brussels prosecutor’s office confirms the driver has been released. “He will be invited for questioning shortly,” a public prosecutor's spokesperson said.

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