Brussels gradually shifts to more sustainable heating solutions

Brussels gradually shifts to more sustainable heating solutions
Credit: Julian Hochgesang / Unsplash

Brussels buildings will see a shift in their heating appliances, as the region moves toward a more sustainable future. From 1 June 2025, the installation of fuel oil boilers in Brussels will be prohibited. These boilers are among the most polluting, and they use liquid fuel.

The decision comes as part of a renovation strategy, entitled RENOLUTION, for Brussels to achieve its climate objectives and approach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Brussels government is also aiming to ban the use of fuel oil boilers in the public sector starting from 2030 and in all other sectors from 2035. According to an Environment Brussels news release, 10 to 14% of homes in Brussels are heated with oil.

More than half of Brussels’ greenhouse gas emissions come from energy consumption in buildings. These bans are steps to free the region from its dependence on fossil fuels during a time the climate crisis becomes increasingly relevant.

Not the first step

This is not the first move toward sustainable heating in the region. Since 1 September 2021, the installation of coal-fired heating and domestic hot water production devices has been prohibited.

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Type B1 gas boilers and water heaters, the leading cause of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Belgium, can no longer be installed on individual chimneys and on new collective chimneys since 1 January 2019. Their placement is authorised only on existing collective chimneys while waiting for another solution.

Environment Brussels offers alternatives to oil-burning heating, like heat pumps, geothermal energy and solar energy. Some may be eligible for a RENOLUTION premium to replace old heating systems. The budget for the premiums has been increased to €53.6 million for 2022.

Homegrade Brussels has published a brochure to supplement understanding of sustainable heating and is available here. Those wanting to replace their heating boiler can also contact an Energy Performance of Buildings consultant for advice free of charge.

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