Brussels Government announces plans to make city cleaner

Brussels Government announces plans to make city cleaner
Household waste waiting to be collected in Brussels. Credit: Helen Lyons/ The Brussels Times

The Brussels Government is working on a strategy called to make the region cleaner in a sustainable way. The various measures should come into force in November.

The Brussels municipalities, which are in charge of cleaning 80% of the capital’s roads, will be able to offer their feedback on the plan in the meantime, Environment Minister Alain Maron said on Tuesday.

The strategy was adopted by the Brussels ministers on 9 June and aims to supplement the work of the cleaning teams with measures to prevent dirtiness, guarantee cleanliness near work areas and reduce the presence of litter on the ground.

Specific measures include installing new bins and ashtrays, promoting reusable alternatives, and the timely collection of household garbage bags. The strategy also aims to prevent bulky items from becoming clandestine depots, in particular by increasing the number of local and mobile collection points.

With an emphasis on empowering the general public, the plan encourages education in schools and the appointment of ‘cleanliness ambassadors’.

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In addition, it aims to improve the management of complaints and ensure the prevention of incivility, in particular by reinforcing the use of cameras and the immediate collection of fines in case the rules are ignored.

The Brussels Government has made available a €2.5 million budget to maintain the cleanliness in public spaces and to finance projects aimed at improving cleanliness in the different municipalities.

The region is also introducing a new method of structural collaboration in order for public actors to become more efficient, Maron said in a press release.

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