Lifeless body discovered in Molenbeek car

Lifeless body discovered in Molenbeek car
Credit: Belga.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Brussels, a lifeless body was discovered in a car in Molenbeek on Wednesday morning.

After being fatally shot, the victim was discovered in a car in Molenbeek's Serenadestraat neighborhood. Since then, the neighborhood has been cordoned off in order to conduct the necessary investigations.

There has been no further information released, so it is unknown how the victim died or whether the fatal shot was fired by himself or someone else.

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This is the latest violent incident in Brussels this year. Because the majority of these have occurred in Molenbeek, the mayor has called for additional police reinforcements, even scheduling a meeting with Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden to that end.

However, little has come of these calls, as authorities who appear to be willing to be tough on crime appear to be unwilling to be tough on the causes of these crimes.

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