Only parallel parking on Brussels roads

Only parallel parking on Brussels roads
Credit: Belga.

Only parking parallel will be authorised on the capital's roads from 2024 onwards, according to the new ‘Good Living’ urban planning rules currently being studied by Brussels's Regional Government.

Pascal Smet, the Brussels Minister for Mobility and Public Works, has announced that the Government of Brussels will be gradually putting an end to diagonal and angled parking.

According to these new rules, only 50% of the road will be reserved for personal motorised vehicles, which will only be able to be parked parallel to the road.

This is because parallel parking takes up the least amount of space and offers better visibility and therefore safety to drivers.

However, these 'Good Living' rules still have to be approved by the Brussels Government, which it is expecting to do by next summer, before being submitted to Parliament.

Smet hopes to see these new rules applied from 1 January 2024 onwards.

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