Limited snow forecast for Brussels on Monday

Limited snow forecast for Brussels on Monday

According to data from The Weather Channel, there is the chance of limited snow flurries after midnight on Sunday through to lunchtime in Brussels. The snow is not expected to hold, but may dust the streets of many areas of the capital.

The Brussels Region began its first preventative gritting for the winter overnight on Sunday evening, Brussels Mobility confirmed in a press release. Salt and grit will be put onto the roads in anticipation for rapidly dropping temperatures and adverse weather.

To cope with the whole network, Brussels Mobility covers more than 800 kilometres of roads in three and a half hours using 17 gritting routes. A complete spread requires 85 tonnes of salt. All regional roads will be gritted, including main roads, major intersections, tunnels, and viaducts.

Part of the main road passing through the Brussels municipality is especially susceptible to icing. A weather station has been installed to monitor temperatures and conditions, in order to “know very precisely the exact conditions on the ground,” explained Sarah Vanschoenbeek, head of Régie roads.

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In the rest of the country, there will be widespread frost and limited snowfall in the Charleroi, Hainaut, Limburg, Liège, Luxembourg and Namur regions. In the south of the country, snow will start to hold from the afternoon. Elsewhere, an afternoon thaw will see much of the snow and ice melt.

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