Security to be reinforced on ULB campus after rape case

Security to be reinforced on ULB campus after rape case
Credit: Eric Lalmand/Belga.

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation's Minister for Higher Education Valérie Glatigny has announced that security will be reinforced on the ULB's student campus after the rape of a student on the university's premises.

Speaking to the news channel LN24 on Tuesday, Glatigny stated that the incident's grave nature "increases the need for cooperation between academic and local authorities, as well as police forces" to ensure the safety and well-being of university students.

As a result, a meeting has been convened for Tuesday afternoon between the university's chancellor Annemie Schauss, the mayor of Ixelles, Christos Doulkeridis, and cabinet representatives from the Justice and Interior ministries. Their common goal is to draw up a framework to effectively lead the fight against sexual violence both at university and in society.

Each authority's proposal

Firstly, the ULB, which has already added additional lighting on its campus, will be collaborating with the municipality of Ixelles to further strengthen security in the university district. Their aim is not only to protect students but also any person passing through the university's premises.

This follows Ixelles' plans to continue making the nearby neighbourhood of Cimetière d'Ixelles, where many women testified having been harassed or assaulted in 2021, a safe place for everyone.

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Secondly, federal authorities have once again asked that victims follow up on any offence by pressing charges, as stated by the Interior Minister's cabinet. Especially given the recent reform of the law regarding sexual crimes, which will result in stronger penalties for such offences.

Finally, Valérie Glatigny will soon be in contact with all those involved in higher education, as well as support and care centres for victims of sexual violence, to guarantee that they receive the appropriate help.

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