Protestors gather outside Brussels court ruling on eviction of asylum seekers

Protestors gather outside Brussels court ruling on eviction of asylum seekers
Credit: Belga / Jonas Roosens

A group of around one hundred protestors gathered in front of a municipal court in Saint-Josse on Tuesday, ahead of the court's expected decision on the eviction of asylum seekers currently occupying a building in the municipality, Belga News Agency reports.

"We expect the court to make the right and brave decision by postponing the planned eviction" of the 75 people currently occupying the future offices of Belgium's National Crisis Centre, a protesting activist told Belga.

The court is expected to rule on Thursday on whether the eviction can go ahead, with it being the latest in a long line of incidents that have contributed to the country's ongoing reception crisis.

The occupants have been staying at the Saint-Josse building since 12 March after sixty or so asylum seekers had previously been evicted from another shelter near the Tour & Taxis site. The situation led the municipal, regional and federal authorities to agree on Fedasil rehousing those occupying the future headquarters.

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However, the Buildings Agency which serves as the state's property manager - filed a complaint to the municipal court where they pushed for those occupying the building to be evicted from the premises. The court judge has attempted to reach a reconciliation between both parties and even visited the building.

Nonetheless, only Thursday's ruling matters to those protesting due to the high number of asylum seekers on Fedasil's waiting list meaning that the previously mentioned agreement "does not offer any sustainable solutions."

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