'Grandparents for climate' march in Brussels as federal parliament is sworn in

'Grandparents for climate' march in Brussels as federal parliament is sworn in
Belgian grandparents will call on Belgian and European leaders to act on climate on Thursday. Credit: Grands parents pour le climat Belgique/Facebook

Belgian grandparents will take to the streets of Brussels on Thursday to demand action for climate change, in a demonstration which will take place as the Belgian federal parliament is sworn in, and which also coincides with a European Union summit in the city.

In a protest echoing the Youth for Climate marches, Grandparents for Climate will pick up where the students left off since the last youth demonstration was held in Brussels in May, just before the elections.

The demonstrations are set to begin at 13:00, at the crossroads of the Rue Royale and Rue de Louvain. The elderly protesters will gather at the foot of the Alexis Brialmont statue, according to Belgian media.

The demonstrators hope to catch the attention of the Belgian and international leaders, who will gather in Brussels on Thursday for a European Union summit in which leaders are expected to discuss climate, among other subjects.

Thursday also marks the day in which an eclectic Belgian federal parliament will be sworn-in, following the federal elections on May 26.

"We are approaching a crucial period regarding climate. Scientists say that by 2030 —so within 10 years— greenhouse emissions should be halved to avoid climate chaos," the organisers said, according to local media. "Because the future of our grandchildren is at stake, we want federal politicians and European leaders to act."

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