800 more e-scooters appear in Brussels

800 more e-scooters appear in Brussels

Following in the footsteps of Lime, Dott, Troty, Tier and Flash, a new brand 'Hive' has announced that it has introduced 800 of its scooters to the capital.

"We want to help the city's mobility," explains Rive Luzeka, city manager for Hive to Bx1.

In an attempt to address common complaints of poor parking and scooters obstructing paths, Hive also announced that it has hired about 40 'bees' to walk around the city and put the scooters back in order.

In the evening, the bees will also take them back to recharge them and return them in the morning to the appropriate places.

These people are employed internally by the company, which already operates in other major European cities such as Vienna and Paris.

"We work differently from other companies. This is the advantage of competition. We want to stand out and we think there is room in the market for our company," said Luzeka.

Today, more than 4,000 electric scooters are already circulating in the streets of the Capital Region, the spokesman for the Minister of Mobility Pascal Smet told the Belga agency.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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