Bag of bombs packed with nails found hidden in Brussels house

Bag of bombs packed with nails found hidden in Brussels house
The precise details of the incident are not yet clear. Credit: © Belga© Belga

A bag containing makeshift explosives and other weapons was found hidden inside a house in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht at the weekend, the public prosecutor’s office confirmed Monday.

The discovery was made on Saturday at around 19:30 by a construction worker, who found the bag stashed under a staircase inside the house, according to reports by VTM News and confirmed by authorities.

“On Saturday, July 6, at around 19:30, police agents were contacted by a construction worker who discovered a bag of explosives, concealed under a staircase in a house in Anderlecht,” a spokesperson with the prosecutor’s office said.

Called on site to examine the contents of the bag, the SEDEE explosives unit said that it contained an unspecified amount of knives and brass knuckles, but also “several craft explosives,” which they said were nail bombs.

The spokesperson said an investigation had been launched, and that there was no evidence to support the theory of an attack.

“At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest that the explosives were destined to commit an attack,” Denis Goeman, spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office said, adding that authorities were also considering the possibility that the bag had been forgotten in the stashing place.

Goeman said that the investigation was ongoing and that no suspects had so far been identified, adding that no further information could be disclosed at this stage.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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