Tenders for federal police HQ were transparent

Tenders for federal police HQ were transparent

“Both the sale and rental of the former Administrative City by Brussels authorities were sufficiently transparent and adhered to the rules in place at the time.” 

This was Dutch property agency Breevast’s reaction to an article that appeared in De Tijd. The agency released the statement on Sunday. 

Economic-based newspaper De Tijd claimed federal authorities did not have the means or procedures to complete large property projects. Because of this, the federal police HQ located in the former Administrative City cost taxpayers millions more than it should have. “Because of this wastage, only one property promoter was able to remain on-board.” Because that promoter had a monopoly, there were able to charge unfairly high rent. 

Breevast owned 60% of the Administrative City at the time and the remaining 40% was owned by Immobel. Breevast said the procedures were followed correctly. 

The joint venture between Breevast and Immobel won the tender advertised by the Building Authority. The agency also pointed out that the federal police were not the only ones interested in renting the building: the European Commission also expressed interest.  

“It’s clear that the sale and tender were sufficiently transparent and several parties responded,” said Breevast director Henk Brouwer. “The renovation of the Administrative City for the federal police conformed to the contracts signed with the Building Authority”, the agency said.

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