STIB wants to know if travellers are satisfied with its services

STIB wants to know if travellers are satisfied with its services
Credit: The Brussels Times/STIB

Brussel transport operator STIB/MIVB is asking users what they think of its service through an annual traveller satisfaction survey.

Until the end of December, both infrequent and regular users will be able to give their opinion of STIB services, which will be used by the company to target its passengers' requests, requirements and expectations in the future.

Questions include: 

"What do you think of the frequency of services?"

"How do you rate the connection services?"

"Do you think the vehicles are clean?"

Respondents can also give their opinions on how safe they feel, accessibility, the company website, its mobile application and waiting-time displays.

Last year, 7,000 travellers who were consulted gave seven (74%) out of ten to STIB for the 4th consecutive year.

This annual survey is required as part of the contract linking the company to the Bruxelles-Capitale Region and can be found on STIB's website.

This barometer will allow the company to become more familiar with travellers' expectations and requirements, but also to assess its own strong and weak points.

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Correction: The story previously said that travellers gave STIB ten out of ten in the previous survey. 

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