Infrabel raises awareness on the dangers of railways trespassing
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    Infrabel raises awareness on the dangers of railways trespassing

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    Infrabel raises awareness among first and second year pupils with regard to respecting safety precautions in the vicinity of railway tracks.

    The infrastructure operator offered students a lecture at Lycée Charles Plisnier in Saint-Ghislain on Thursday on exercising caution and a new version of its virtual reality awareness tool dubbed “The Floor”.

    Thanks to special glasses, pupils are able to view a 360° video that places them into the skin of an individual with no respect for the safety rules to be observed when near railway tracks.

    In addition to measures taken regarding infrastructure, Infrabel is conducting – notably through billboards, fencing or anti-intrusion conveyor belts – this awareness campaign that has enabled the operator to reach some 15,200 primary and secondary students throughout Belgium within the space of 42 days in 2018.

    In 2018, 768 incidents of trespass on the tracks were recorded. According to the infrastructure operator, this recklessness caused 4 deaths and 6 serious injuries.

    Thirty-eight accidents, involving 9 deaths and 3 serious injuries were also reported on railway crossings.

    The Brussels Times