Flanders bans disposable cups at events

Flanders bans disposable cups at events

From January 1, it will be forbidden to serve drinks in disposable cups, cans or plastic bottles during all events in Flanders, from school parties to festivals.

Event organisers will still be able to buy drinks in plastic bottles or cans, but drinks served to visitors will have to be in reusable cups. Compulsory recycling will be the order of the day behind the counter for handling disposable containers.

Furthermore, from 2022, authorities will no longer be able to offer single-use plates and cutlery.

Organisers who continue serving in disposable containers will be required to prove they are collecting at least 90% of them. From 2022, this will be 95%.

The rules will be even tighter at events organised by local authorities and government agencies but not at those arranged by schools and hospitals.

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