Air traffic strike halted until at least 10 February

Air traffic strike halted until at least 10 February
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There will be no action taken before 10 February following a strike notice filed with air traffic controller Skeyes over new contracts with the Belgian Defence Department.

The initial conciliation meeting on Thursday afternoon was held in a constructive atmosphere, Skeyes announced.

On Monday, ACV-Transcom gave notice of a strike to be called against collaboration with the Belgian Defence Department. The autonomous public company consequently organised a consultation with the unions and the first conciliation meeting took place on Thursday afternoon. A further meeting has been pencilled in for 10 February, again in the afternoon.

In the meantime, all social actions and intentions to take such action have been suspended, it was added.

In the context of the collaboration agreement between Skeyes and the Defence Department, a limited number of military air traffic controllers would eventually be able to obtain a civil air traffic controller’s licence and would, therefore, be transferred to Skeyes. Transfers in the opposite direction would also be possible.

The Christian Union is not opposed to collaboration but is unhappy with the current defining agreement. The text of the agreement could notably have consequences for Skeyes staff promotion prospects, a concerned delegate, Kurt Callaerts, explained. He emphases that many provisions have to be clarified and fears being pressurised during negotiations.

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