Residents evacuated from major fire in Brussels North station neighbourhood

Residents evacuated from major fire in Brussels North station neighbourhood
Mayor Philippe Close (in grey jacket) consults with emergency personnel at the scene © Twitter

Around 100 residents on Rue Masui in the vicinity of the Brussels North station were evacuated from their homes during the night after fire broke out in a coachwork garage in the neighbourhood.

The fire service received a call at about 22.40 reporting smoke in the nearby Rue des Rameurs. On attending fire crews found the fire was well advanced, and reinforcements were called.

Five pumps, one tank truck, four ladders and 51 firefighters were in attendance to combat the fire,” Walter Derieuw of the Brussels police told Bruzz. “The fire was tackled from various fronts, hoses were taken through the corridors of several homes to reach the heart of the fire. One hose was rolled out over the rooftops.”

Around 100 residents were evacuated from their homes and sheltered inside the North station. Nobody was injured.

During the work of extinguishing the fire, several explosions were heard of spray-paint cans,” police said. “Gas bottles which were present in the homes and in the garage were either removed or cooled with water.”

Brussels-City mayor Philippe Close came to the scene to support local residents, and later to thank the emergency services in person as well as on Twitter.

Residents were allowed to return home in small groups from about 02.00, under the guidance of police and Red Cross personnel.

Alan Hope

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