Flanders loves e-bikes, but Belgium doesn’t

Flanders loves e-bikes, but Belgium doesn’t
The reluctance to take public transport for health reasons at the moment is the first reason for the increase in Billy's figures, according to De Schaetzen. Credit: Billy Bike©Billy Bike

Of some 30,000 speed pedelecs (e-bikes capable of reaching a speed of 45 km/h) registered in Belgium, only 612 of them were in Wallonia and 555 in Brussels, it emerged from figures obtained by CD&V MP Jef Van den Bergh.

The number of speed pedelecs keeps on growing. Last year, 12,132 bikes of this type were registered in Flanders, most of them concentrated in the provinces of Antwerp, Eastern Flanders and Flemish Brabant.

Conversely, there is no such success story in southern Belgium where, out of the 29,725 speed pedelecs registered in Belgium as a whole, only 612 were in Wallonia and 555 in Brussels.

Furthermore, 40% of the speed pedelecs registered are leased, a phenomenon linked to tax benefits agreed to in 2016, Van den Bergh emphasised. According to him, efforts still need to be made regarding infrastructure and especially travel expenses, so that this means of transport offers a credible alternative to the car.

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