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One Belgian in twenty did not use health care in 2018

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In 2018, one Belgian in twenty did not go to see a GP, dentist or go to hospital, Mutualités Libres announced on Tuesday in a press release.

Freelancers, Brussels inhabitants, men and singles are especially concerned, they stipulated in their review. They, therefore, advocate raising awareness specifically in the case of these profiles so that the persons concerned can benefit from sufficient preventative health care.

Mutualités Libres conducted a study to determine the percentage of “non-users of medical care.” The figure was 5.4% in 2018, a decrease in comparison to a similar study in 2010 when it stood at 7%.

“Not consulting a health-care provider for a year also means not benefiting from prevention services,” it pointed out in the press release. “This can be detrimental to health in the long run and also lead to an increase in health care costs, as much for the patient as for medical insurance concerns.”

The mutual society presents a typical “non-users of medical care” profile based on its affiliates’ reimbursement data. This mainly concerns freelancers (20% of “non-users”), men (70%), Brussels inhabitants (33%), young persons (average age 34), singles (60%) and persons living on low incomes.

In order to increase prevention, Mutualités Libres considers that it would be necessary to establish information campaigns, notably in certain districts in Brussels.

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