VUB tracks social initiatives during the Coronavirus crisis

VUB tracks social initiatives during the Coronavirus crisis
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Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB – Brussels Free University) have developed a questionnaire titled “Solidarity in Times of Corona” to map social initiatives during the Covid-19 crisis.

“To be able to record and investigate social resilience during a moment of crisis, we have drawn up a short questionnaire that examines what help is being given, to whom and for what reasons,” Sarah Dury, professor of Educational Sciences at VUB, explained in a press release on Tuesday.

Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, many people have taken action to help and support family, friends, neighbours and strangers in difficulty as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. The questionnaire seeks to gauge that solidarity by asking respondents what they have done over the past seven days to assist others.

“We also want to make the positive visible and give people an extra incentive to engage with each other,” Professor Dury added.

The questionnaire can be viewed on It is available in three languages, Dutch, English and French, to enable as broad a public as possible to take part in the survey.

Respondents have until 27 March to complete the questionnaire.

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