Brussels speeds up traffic lights due to empty roads

Brussels speeds up traffic lights due to empty roads
Credit: Flickr/Ivan Radic

The timing of traffic lights in Brussels has officially been adapted to better respond to the lower traffic resulting from the countrywide lockdown.

Restrictive measures related to the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) have seen 55 to 75% less traffic on the major traffic routes in Brussels. This change has moved Brussels Mobility to shorten the cycles of about 100 intersections in the city, in an effort to change how the city flows it announced on Tuesday. 

“Cycling and walking are the best way to get around. To ensure that these categories too can keep a sufficient distance, we reprogrammed the lights," said Minister of Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt. "Cyclists and walkers will have green light longer and more often, so there will be no traffic jams at the lights.”

Under the change, both car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will have to wait for less time. In a practical example, this means pedestrians who want to cross the normally incredibly busy Rue Belliard will have to wait an unheard of 40 seconds less.

Lights will now turn green for pedestrians and cyclists without the push of a button on an automated timer.  Additionally, Brussels Mobility will give priority to emergency services at crucial intersections in the capital, according to reports

Brussels Mobility manages 500 intersections with traffic lights every day.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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