'A dramatic number of cases' among Brussels nursing homes staff

'A dramatic number of cases' among Brussels nursing homes staff
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The number of coronavirus contaminations among the staff of the Brussels rest homes is "dramatic", said Ignace Demeyer, an emergency doctor at the Aalst hospital in Aalst, on Monday lunchtime on VTM.

Many staff members of rest homes in the capital are ending up in Aalst. "They are almost all positive," according to Dr. Demeyer. By continuing to work despite their condition, they have also spread the virus to those around them, he added.

In Aalst, on the other hand, the number of contaminations is not very high. No doctor or nurse has been in intensive care and absenteeism is very low, the doctor says. Staff were quickly provided with protective equipment, Demeyer explains.

Nevertheless, the hospitals have to deal with a lot of aggression, he says. The source of which is often patients who have tested positive or family members who complain about not being admitted to see loved ones. In addition to verbal aggression, there have also been cases of spitting on staff.

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