Brussels greenlights generalised 30km/h zone

Brussels greenlights generalised 30km/h zone
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The driving speed in the entire territory of the Brussels-Capital Region is set to be capped at 30 km/h from January 2021, after the plans were officially approved in the regional cabinet.

The plans for the so-called "City 30" will apply not only to individual cars and other motorised vehicles but also to conventional and electric bicycles, electric scooters and public transport buses.

The plan includes exceptions for a number of roads where the speed limit will be of either 50 or 70 km/h, which will be marked with road signs set to start going up from September and which will replace the 30km/h markers.

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After the approval on Thursday, the next step will see authorities publish a final map of the regional road network which will include the roads excepted from the overall speed drop.

The project had been on the table since last summer, as rising concerns about road insecurity and a series of incidents prompted the newly-formed government to craft up a "Good Move Plan" which set out to make the reduced speed limit "the new normal."

In January, talks kicked off between mobility and public transport officials, local residents and other stakeholders to go over the requirements and funding needed for implementation.

In addition to improving road safety, officials say the reduced speed on the capital's roads will also improve other factors regarding the quality of life in Brussels.

"By quieting down traffic, this measure also offers better condition to develop a real local life: better air quality, less noise and a safer environment where you can walk or cycle in good peace of mind, we all benefit from it," Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt told Bruzz.

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