Proximus towers to be retransformed to include residential flats

Proximus towers to be retransformed to include residential flats
Credit: Belga

The Brussels Regional official has granted a planning permit to transform the two Proximus towers in the North district.

One of the tower’s will still be dedicated to Proximus offices and another for residential use.

This redevelopment aims to reconnect the site with the urban life and neighbourhood, Immobel, the real estate operator who will carry the work, stated.

The existing towers are currently 100% office-oriented, and following the transformation, they will feature common spaces, sports facilities, a large semi-public courtyard and new green spaces.

The project will include 272 residential units and 93 student rooms spread over 42,752 square metres, nearly 59,400 square metres of offices, around 12,000 square metres of community facilities, sport facilities, retail space and public services.

After the transformation, the buildings will occupy less ground area. Additionally, the project will feature over a hectare of green spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Green zones with benches, playgrounds and terraces will be established in various locations.

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