Drone delivering drugs crashes inside Brussels prison

Drone delivering drugs crashes inside Brussels prison
Credit: Stock Image/Pixabay

A drone carrying a drug load crashed in the courtyard of a Brussels prison on Thursday morning, Brussels' public prosecutor's office said.

The drone was being used by someone outside the prison to deliver drugs to an inmate, but the smuggling attempt was bungled after the device crashed in the prison courtyard.

According to RTBF, the drone was too heavily loaded, which would have led to its collapse.

Authorities said that they were still working to determine the size of the delivery or the type of drugs that the drone was carrying.

"The drone was seized and the drugs are currently being examined in the lab," Denis Goeman of Brussels public prosecutor's office told Bruzz.

All visits to Belgian prisons have been banned as a result of the coronavirus pandemic since 13 March, ahead of the imposition of the nationwide lockdown.

The inmate who was meant to receive the drugs was identified and authorities are working to find the person who was piloting the drone, with both of them facing prosecution.

Gabriela Galindo

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