Internet issues in Brussels resolved

Internet issues in Brussels resolved
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Customers who still don’t have internet have been asked to reset their routers after thousands of Telenet customers were left cut off after a fault in the network.

Since 2:00 PM on Monday customers across Brussels had reported the loss of the internet, with the issue particularly bad in the city centre. “A fibre optic cable has been accidentally cut at a construction site, and it takes time to find a solution,” explained Telenet.

This issue should now be resolved, Telenet announced, adding that 95% of cases were fixed by Tuesday evening. The remainder were fixed by midnight.

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“So everything has to get going again, and if that doesn’t work right away, we invite our customers to just switch off their modems and restart them,” says Telenet.

The company offered apologies for the inconvenience, which came at a particularly difficult time as internet connections have proven vital for people working at home.

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