Hundreds gather in Brussels to protest against the coronavirus measures

Hundreds gather in Brussels to protest against the coronavirus measures

From noon on Sunday, several hundred people gathered in front of the Finance Tower in Brussels to protest against the coronavirus measures in Belgium.

They demand, among other things, the dismissal of top virologist Marc Van Ranst, who advises the government on the coronavirus crisis, together with other experts.

Many participants did not wear a face mask, or were wearing it the wrong way, and did also not adhere to the social distancing measures, reports Bruzz.

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The protest is organised by the group Viruswaanzin (which translates as 'viral madness' in Dutch), an organisation which is also protesting against the measures in the Netherlands, and also sued the Belgian state, Bill Gates and British epidemiologist Neil Ferguson.

The authorities allowed Viruswaanzin to gather in front of the Finance tower, with up to 200 demonstrators, if they adhered to the measures. At the start of the afternoon, however, there were an estimated almost 400 people present, reports De Morgen.

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The group expects 3,000 people, but not all at once, as the demonstrators were asked to come to the demonstration in alphabetical order. The first group, for people whose surnames starts with one of the first six letters of the alphabet, could come between noon and 1:00 PM, and so on.

The group does not deny the existence of the coronavirus, reports their website. "What we deny, however, with all the common sense in us, is the infectiousness and deadliness of this virus, which is artificially maintained by governments all over the world in order to control a - until recently - awakening and deposing population," they said.

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