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Blankenberge fight: Brussels teen conditionally released

A youth from Brussels involved in a massive beach brawl at the Belgian coast has been granted conditional release by a Bruges court.

The release of the 18-year-old, identified as AD from Saint-Gilles, confirmed an initial decision to release him which was challenged by public prosecutors.

The teen was one of 17 people arrested early August for taking part in a massive fight in a Blankenberge beach packed with people seeking relief from a days-long sweltering heatwave.

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Images of the row show several people lashing out against each other and against police officers and lifeguards, with one brawler seen throwing a parasol at a police officer.

Among the detainees were three Brussels residents, including AD, aged 18 to 20 years old, arrested on charges of armed rebellion and deliberate assault resulting in a work incapacity.

On Thursday, the Bruges court dismissed the appeal by public prosecutors and granted AD conditional release, banning him from coming to the beach for the next three months, Bruzz reports.

The other suspects remain in detention as the investigation into the beach fight continues.

The Brussels Times