Dozens of people ignore coronavirus rules during party in Brussels Park

Dozens of people ignore coronavirus rules during party in Brussels Park
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Dozens of people ignored the coronavirus measures and gathered in Brussels Park on Sunday evening where they partied, most of them without a face mask and without respecting the social distance.

Videos show dozens of people dancing close together in Brussels Park at a Kiosk Radio party, where Belgian dj Lefto plays a set every Sunday. Yesterday, Lefto was accompanied by Brussels rapper Zwangere Guy, and the duo attracted a lot of people to the park.

The police were called about a gathering of about 400 people, not unlike the one at Place Flagey in June, according to Ilse Van de keere, spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital Ixelles police zone. "But when they arrived around 10:30 PM, the party was over," she told The Brussels Times.

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"A few people were still in the park, but there was no dancing or singing anymore," Van de keere said. "No arrests were made, and no fines or official reports were issued."

"We have volunteers who manage everything, but yesterday we lost control a little. This was certainly not the intention," Nicolas Boochi of Kiosk Radio told Bruzz. "We certainly do not want to set a bad example, this will never happen again."

"We saw that there were a lot of people from other cities that we do not see on other days," said Boochi, who said that car-free Sunday could be part of the reason that so many people were present.

"There were people with and without face masks, and they were very close to each other," Boochie said. "Many had the feeling that it was the last summer day of the year. The desire to party one last time was uncontrollable."

Maïthé Chini

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