Protest against Molenbeek 'witch' stopped by Brussels police

Protest against Molenbeek 'witch' stopped by Brussels police
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The Brussels-West police zone stopped a protest against a so-called "witch" in the municipality of Molenbeek, after a group of people came together to denounce his use of black magic.

Approximately 30 people gathered in front of the practice of an astrologer and seer, who is known as the "witch of Molenbeek" on Monday evening.

"It concerned a man who is known to have a certain interpretation of Islam that can be considered 'haram' (forbidden)," Caroline Vervaet, spokesperson for the Brussels-West police zone, told The Brussels Times.

The man aroused anger among a number of people for practising a kind of Moroccan so-called black magic, which is considered a sin in Islam. Through this practice, it is reportedly possible to cause physical and/or psychological harm to another person.

On Sunday, a video of two men who had visited the "witch," aiming to curse someone else, circulated on social media, causing consternation within the Muslim community of Molenbeek.

"This man did not do anything punishable," Vervaet said. "The police were only there to guarantee public order, and peace and quiet."

Additionally, due to the coronavirus measures, gatherings of more than four people are not allowed on the streets. "No one was arrested, and everyone went home after the insistence of the police."

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

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