Police officer filmed yelling racist insults threatened, investigation opened 

Police officer filmed yelling racist insults threatened, investigation opened 
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An investigation has been opened into threats against the police officer from the Brussels-Midi zone after a video of her making racist and homophobic statements while on patrol in Anderlecht in 2018 resurfaced amid a court battle.

Threats began circulating on social media amid the news that she successfully challenged a pay cut imposed as a result of the video, prompting the investigation into whether or not she needs protection by Belgium's National Crisis Centre, according to local media.

Contacted by The Brussels Times, however, the Crisis Centre declined to confirm this, saying that they do not communicate about individual cases. The refusal to communicate about anyone involved or any protective measures is already one of the protective measures that can be taken, the Centre explained.

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Photos of the officer's identity card, bank card and police card have been circulating on social media, accompanied by threats against her. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, her wallet was stolen during the protests following the death of Adil, who died while fleeing from a coronavirus police check, in Anderlecht last year.

"It Stinks Here"

The footage - recorded by the officers in the car - shows her and another officer on patrol in Anderlecht while they made racist and homophobic remarks about the neighbourhood’s population from their car and saying that “it stinks here.”

The officer recently managed to overturn her sanction via the Council of State, as the deadline by which the disciplinary punishment should have been pronounced was exceeded by three days.

The Brussels-Midi police zone is already filing a complaint against the officer, for the damaging impact of the video on the image of the police in general.

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