With 'several thousand' unclaimed appointments this week, Brussels calls on over-45s to get vaccinated

With 'several thousand' unclaimed appointments this week, Brussels calls on over-45s to get vaccinated
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People over the age of 45 in Brussels are being urged to make an appointment for a coronavirus vaccine, as the Common Community Commission (COCOM) says there are still “several thousand” slots free this week.

About four-fifths of Brussels residents can go to the vaccination centres for their shot, Bruzz reports. The other people have already been vaccinated in their healthcare facility or can have a mobile team come to their home.

Starting next week, vaccinations for the homeless will begin.

The vaccination coverage is lower in Brussels than in the other two regions of Belgium: in Flanders, 95% of people over 65 are vaccinated, and in Wallonia that number is more than 80%.

According to Inge Neven of the COCOM, separate flexibilities per region are out of the question.

“Let's do it together, taking into account the context of each region,” Neven said.

Last weekend, Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (N-VA) proposed his own “freedom plan,” but the Consultation Committee will have to clarify whether it's feasible at the meeting on Tuesday.

Brussels wants to continue to work on the “one-stop-shop” principle to keep vaccination accessible, which involves raising awareness and providing assistance using accessible actors in the municipalities, such as general practitioners, pharmacists and social workers.

These groups of people can help residents make an appointment for their vaccination and according to the COCOM, this approach helps.

“There are pharmacists who have already registered more than 100 people,” said Neven.

“I believe much more in the individual approach by trusted persons than in a general call through call centres. It might take a bit more time, but we see that it works.”

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