'Omelette': bizarre road sign spotted in Brussels commune

'Omelette': bizarre road sign spotted in Brussels commune
Credit: Joris Poschet/Twitter

In the Brussels commune of Jette, a bizarre road sign was spotted near a construction site last weekend, as a diversion sign says "Omelette-Omeletje" instead of the usual Dutch "Omleiding."

Several passers-by, including the chair of Jette's OCMW/CPAS Joris Poschet, noticed the sign near the commune's Saint Peter's church this weekend, and questioned if the sign was really pointing people towards the well-known egg dish.

Translation: "In the commune of [the Belgian surrealist artist] Magritte, anything is possible."

While many wondered if it was a joke or a bad translation of the Dutch word "Omleiding" that usually indicates a diversion on the road signs, it turns out the sign is part of an artistic project.

"I was taken aback as well," alderman for Public Works in Jette, Bernard Van Nuffel, told Het Nieuwsblad. "But it appears to be an artistic project. I already received messages from friends that similar signs had turned up before in Laeken."

Additionally, it is a "very well executed" project, according to him. "I went to have a look, and it is not handwritten or anything like that, it is just like the real thing."

For the time being, the road sign is allowed to remain in place, said Van Nuffel, who said that he thinks it is really funny. "But mind you, there is not actually a diversion in that street."

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