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Traffic chaos in Brussels tunnels due to false alarm

Credit: © EU

There were long traffic jams in Brussels after three tunnels had to close between 7:40 AM and 8:10 AM on Monday morning due to a fire alarm that turned out to be a false one.

The Belliard, Cinquantenaire and Wet tunnels were closed just before 8:00 AM on Monday morning due to an incident, according to Bruzz.

“The fire brigade had to turn out because of a fire alarm,” Inge Paemen, spokeswoman for Brussels Mobility, told the Dutch-language outlet.

The closures caused a lot of traffic chaos in the capital, but the alarm turned out to be false.

“After half an hour, the tunnels were reopened to traffic,” Paemen said. That reopening took place around 8:30 AM.

“The short-lived closure of three important tunnels does make for a difficult morning rush hour.”

The Brussels Times