A more spacious Midi fair opens in Brussels on Saturday

A more spacious Midi fair opens in Brussels on Saturday
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The 140th Foire du Midi will officially open on Saturday on the Boulevard du Midi in Brussels, bringing rides and food back to the area after skipping a year.

The fair will run until 22 August every day from 3:00 PM to midnight, and until 1:00 AM on weekends and the eve of public holidays.

The fair - which will have 129 traders - will occupy a larger space than usual due to ongoing works on the metro, with the large open spaces being touted as a bonus by organisers.

"The luxury of the fair is its space," said Fabian Maingain, alderman for Economic Affairs of the City of Brussels. "There will not be much more risk in coming to the Midi fair than in frequenting other open-air thoroughfares at present."

Fairgoers and operators will have to obey a selection of rules, which should be commonplace by now. These are:

  • everyone must wear a mask,
  • hand sanitiser must be available at the entrances to the zones and on each stall,
  • directions of circulation must be in place to avoid congestion,
  • stalls must ensure the 1.5-metre distance between people and groups is respected,
  • fairground workers will not be able to let more than eight people into their booths at a time (excluding children).

The fair has been divided into four zones, with eight gates at the entrances and exits where stewards will be posted to ensure compliance with health regulations. There will be no formal count carried out, nor will there be a limit on the number of people.

Food stands will open every day from noon, meaning they will be open before the rest of the fair. Otherwise, they will have to stick to current rules for takeaway establishments.

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