Staycation Spotlight: Summer of Globe

Staycation Spotlight: Summer of Globe
Photo from Globe Aroma and Espace Fxmme, a group of women and non-binary people behind the project TALK WITH THE WALLS.

While the coronavirus pandemic has made travelling abroad difficult, there’s plenty of fun to be had right here in Brussels. Brussels Staycation, or StaycationBXL, is a series of initiatives designed to help Brussels residents make the most of their summer in the city.

Today’s spotlight is on Summer of Globe.

Globe Aroma is hosting a multidisciplinary festival that focuses on artistic transmission, answering the question: what do artists want to tell, explore and share after a year of standstill as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

They’ve moved into the open air of Moutstraat in Brussels for the festival, which had its opening ceremony on 14 July and will have its closing one on Friday.

“We had to wait for a long time, but finally we’re back!” Globe Aroma announced. “This summer Globe Aroma is celebrating the artist, en plein public and in open air!”

They’re hoping to “enable new encounters, collaborations and experiments between artists and an audience” through a series of workshops organised in both Bronks Theater and Globe Aroma.

The workshops cover a range of disciplines and activities, including painting, book readings, spoken word performances and concerts.

This week’s remaining events are as follows:

Wednesday 21/7

Thursday 22/7

Friday 23/7 (Closing day)

The Globe Aroma is located at Moutstraat 26, 1000 Brussel.

For more information about this project and others in the Brussels Staycation Series, visit the official website or check out our previous coverage.

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