Two-thirds of car drivers find city tolls unacceptable according to Touring

Two thirds of drivers who participated in a survey by mobility organisation Touring said they consider an urban toll that only applies to a defined city area, such as Brussels, unacceptable.

Nearly six out of ten drivers who responded said they’re in favour of an intelligent form of road pricing.

Such a pricing system would involve payment based on kilometres driven, possibly in combination with different rates depending on location and time.

Half of those in favour say that this would have to go hand in hand with the scrapping of other existing taxes on car purchase and ownership.

“For Touring, there can only be talk of introducing an intelligent kilometre charge if it applies to all regions,” the organisation said in a statement.

“Nor should it be about an additional tax for the consumer: the final bill for car taxes should not be higher.”

Two thousand members and non-members were questioned by research bureau Indiville for the survey.

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