Brussels Government approves draft order on Covid Safe Ticket

Brussels Government approves draft order on Covid Safe Ticket
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The Brussels government approved on Saturday the draft execution decree on the extension of the use of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

The draft order will move to the Brussels Parliament next, and its approval there would allow the CST to be used in a variety of sectors from 15 October, according to Bruzz.

Minister President Rudi Vervoort (PS) says that the final version takes into account remarks from the Council of State, mainly through clarifications in its justification.

The text of the draft will be available on the website of the Brussels Parliament from next week.

Due to the low vaccination rate in the Brussels Region, the Brussels Government wants to use the CST in a number of sectors now that most coronavirus measures have been lifted.

The CST requirements would be temporary, to last until 30 June 2022.

They’d apply the hotel and catering industry, dance halls and clubs, sports clubs, fitness centres, fairs, the cultural, recreational and festive sector, residential care institutions for vulnerable persons, and events for 50 people or more that are held inside or 200 people events that are held outside.

The CST will never be compulsory for essential activities, for example access to public transport, schools, administrations, work or the bank.

The Brussels Government requested the advice of the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) on the epidemiological situation.

The explanatory statement added to the draft makes clear that the use of the CST “below 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants within 14 days will only be maintained or extended if the (5) other criteria would change negatively and if there is no contraindication for the RAG.”

The extension that will be voted on this week is temporary and valid for three months.

After one month, the Brussels government has to assess on a monthly basis whether the measure can be maintained or stopped early.

The mayors of Brussels neighbourhoods will have to supervise the application of the measures.

Violators risk fines from €50 to €500, and organisers of violating events can be fined anywhere from €50 to €2,500.

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