Youth unemployment in Brussels reaches pre-Covid level

Youth unemployment in Brussels reaches pre-Covid level
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In September 2021, the number of unemployed people under the age of 25 fell below the 10,000 mark to 9,311 young people, a 11% decrease compared to September 2020, Actiris reported Monday.

With this figure, the number of youth unemployment almost reached the pre-crisis level (9,262 young job seekers in September 2019). Young people represent 10.5% of the total number of unemployed. More than a quarter are 50 years old or over.

Last month, the Brussels Region had 88,260 job seekers, a decrease of 3.9% compared to September 2020. The regional unemployment rate stands at 15.4%, compared to 16.1% a year ago.

In September, there were 11,519 entries into unemployment compared to 14,122 exits, which means a monthly decrease in the number of unemployed jobseekers of 2,603 people (-3.9%).

"If the entries into classic unemployment did not increase much, this can be explained by the fact that, for the moment, the effect of the Covid-19 crisis is mainly registered at the level of temporary unemployment and the bridging right," the regional employment office points out.

Actiris has received 6,034 job offers directly, an increase of 86% compared to September 2020.

"An encouraging figure that can be explained both by a recovery in activity in recent months but also by an improvement in the collecting of job offers by Actiris," it stated.

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