Brussels MP may lose immunity after hitting pedestrian with car

Brussels MP may lose immunity after hitting pedestrian with car
Palais de Justice. Credit: Orlando Whitehead

Brussels MP Nicole Bomele (Défi) could lose her parliamentary immunity as a result of an incident two years ago when she struck a pedestrian with her car.

The case will be heard on Thursday, according to Bruzz.

In 2019, Bomele was a councillor in Anderlecht when she approached a roundabout and struck a crossing pedestrian at a low rate of speed.

Bomele said she was blinded by the sun and did not see the pedestrian. She had also left her driving licence at home and was written up for that.

Now, two years later, the police court is handling the case.

Since then, Bomele has become a member of the Brussels Parliament. Because of that, a request for the waiver of her parliamentary immunity must be submitted.

“It is an offence, I admit it,” Bomele told French-language RTBF (Belgian Radio-Television of the Community).

“If the court wants to summon me, no problem. I want to be judged like any other citizen. But first the services and officials of parliament will have to be mobilised, while we are in the middle of a health crisis and there are other emergencies to deal with. This raises questions. That my little person is mobilising so many people makes me uncomfortable.”

This is the second time since the start of the legislature in 2019 that a Brussels MP faced immunity issues.

Joëlle Maison (Défi) from Uccle illegally parked in a taxi spot in order to visit a nearby shop, and police learned that the car she was driving (which belonged to an acquaintance) had not been insured for several months.

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