Brussels cricket bars win silver at European Foodies Awards

Brussels cricket bars win silver at European Foodies Awards
Credit: Kriket/Facebook

Brussels cricket bar company Kriket won the silver medal in the European Foodies Awards this year, which celebrates the most sustainable food brands in Europe.

This year, Kriket finished in second place in the Next Gen Innovators category, for brands that are looking to create more resilient, sustainable, and safe food systems.

“Kriket’s mission is to make the food system more sustainable by mainstreaming crickets,” said co-founder Anneleen Van Meervenne.

“Crickets contain twice as much protein as beef, and use 2,000 times less water to produce the same amount of protein,” said co-founder Michiel Van Meervenne.

Additionally, they emit 100 times less CO2, and can be grown on side streams from the food industry, they say. “So, the system fully circular,” he added.

The candidates are judged on ten criteria, such as originality, replicability, sustainability, ‘WOW factor’ and Contribution to EU goals.

The first place went to Too Good To Go, an app that aims to fight food waste, by allowing everybody to save surplus food from stores, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants or cafés, by going to pick it up at the end of the day, usually at a reduced price.

More information about The Foodies can be found here. For more info about Kriket, go here.

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