Brussels police asked to increase controls on Covid-19 measures

Brussels police asked to increase controls on Covid-19 measures
The number of infringements of the Covid-19 measures dropped significantly. Credit: Belga

The number of reported violations of Covid-19 measures in the Brussels region has decreased remarkably since summer, but now that the fourth wave is rising, the city is hoping to crack down on violations of the safeguards currently in place.

In August, 288 reports were still being drawn up for violations, according to figures from Brussels MP Bianca Debaets (CD&V), according to Bruzz.

Debaets is calling for increased police checks to make sure that people are following the current rules.

In May this year, the Brussels police districts still counted 1,195 violations of Covid-19 measures. In June, there were 385, in July 177 and in August 288, with the numbers decreasing as many restrictions were lifted.

“The official reports clearly follow the line of the easing of restrictions,” Debaets said.

“Now that the fourth wave is approaching, I hope that the police zones will again increase the checks on all necessary measures, in order to guarantee the safety of everyone.”

In November last year, 7,507 official reports were issued throughout Brussels for breaches of Covid-19 measures. Those measures were stricter then than today, with a lockdown and curfew in place at the time.

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