Video of three trams at standstill on Brussels intersection goes viral

Video of three trams at standstill on Brussels intersection goes viral
Credit: jupanurobotu/TikTok

A video of three trams at a standstill in a triangle at an intersection in the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek last weekend went viral, as it seems like the vehicles made it impossible for each other to move.

The video was posted on social network TikTok by user jupanurobotu on Friday, and quickly made its way to other platforms like Twitter. It was filmed in Schaerbeek, at a busy intersection of the Avenue Princesse Elisabeth and the Boulevard Lambermont.

While it seems like the trams were trapped, this was not the case, Guy Sablon, spokesperson for Brussels public transport company STIB, told several local media.

“When in Brussels, take the public transport.”

The footage was likely made on Friday morning, according to Sablon. At that time, lines 3 and 7 were interrupted in Neder-Over-Heembeek, as a wharf train was standing on the tracks at the Heembeek stop.

“The yard vehicle was at a standstill from about 5:00 AM,” he said, adding that a situation like that can have consequences for the whole line.

When looking closely, it becomes clear that the trams have not really trapped each other, as the track is open on one side, and the tram can drive on.

“As soon as the first vehicle was able to move forward, the other trams were also able to leave,” Sablon said, adding that the situation may not have lasted very long.

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