Brussels thieves suspected of selling stolen cars on international market

Brussels thieves suspected of selling stolen cars on international market
Credit: Helen Lyons/The Brussels Times.

Brussels police have arrested two suspects accused of stealing cars and selling them abroad.

The anti-robbery brigade (AOB) of the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone had received information on Friday about a number of suspiciously parked vehicles on the border of Laken and Vilvoorde, Bruzz reports.

“When our inspectors checked the cars, they appeared to be reported stolen,” police said.

“Our people proceeded to observe them. A few hours later they were able to arrest a first suspect who wanted to drive off with one of the stolen cars. A second suspect was also arrested near the house where both suspects reside.”

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During a search, police found keys to other stolen cars along with jammers used to block the automatic locking system of vehicles.

A professional operation

Police suspect that the men are part of a professional gang that steals and ships vehicles to customers who order them ahead of time.

“Especially cars of brands like Mazda and Toyota appeared to be in demand, both in our country and abroad,” police said.

“In total, two stolen Mazda cars were found and a third Mazda with fake number plates. A fourth vehicle was also towed pending the investigation. In that back seat were fake number plates.”

Both suspects were arrested and will appear before a judge on Thursday.

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