Police urge compliance with convoy ban in Brussels

Police urge compliance with convoy ban in Brussels
Credit: Belga

The federal police and local law enforcers in Brussels on Saturday urged motorists to comply with a ban on protests using motor-vehicle convoys, Belga news agency reports.

In Brussels, the ban takes effect at midnight on Saturday and will continue at least until 8.00 AM on Tuesday. A similar ban has been imposed in Ghent from Saturday to Sunday 20 February.

In the capital, the vehicles will only be tolerated in Parking C at the Heysel, on the Brussels Expo site.

The Belgian “Freedom Convoy” had announced its intention to stage a protest in Brussels' city centre on Monday. However, no formal application was submitted to the local authorities, so the convoy has not been authorised.

Moreover, Brussels-Capital Premier Rudi Vervoort and Mayor Philippe Close have issued a ban on demonstrations using motor vehicles.

Federal police will be monitoring traffic moving towards Brussels. First, police officers will contact drivers to explain to them, with the help of a flyer, what is authorised and what not. The motorists could possibly be escorted by the police services.

It is only later that police will contemplate the possibility of more repressive action, including inspections. This will be done, for example, if groups of drivers block the highway or move towards the city centre.

The police are working together with the courts and offending drivers will risk fines and legal consequences, police said.

The police have also advised people to avoid driving to the capital and on the Brussels Ring Road on Monday. They recommend using public transport, Belga reported.

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