Brussels reveals 'best shrimp croquette' in Capital Region

Brussels reveals 'best shrimp croquette' in Capital Region
Illustration image of shrimp croquettes. Credit: Pexels

At the start of spring, the shrimp croquettes made by Les Brasseries Georges in the Brussels municipality of Uccle were elected the best ones in the Capital Region for 2022.

A total of 19 chefs from restaurants all over the city took part in the competition, which was judged by a jury of culinary journalists as well as the winner of the two previous editions, Cédric Mosbeux (of the Fernand Obb Delicatessen restaurant in Saint-Gilles), led by Belgian cook Lionel Rigolet.

After a blind tasting, they elected Les Brasseries Georges as this year’s winner.

To take part in the competition, participants had to meet the following criteria: own an establishment, canteen, bar or food truck in operation in the Brussels-Capital Region, and serve homemade à la carte shrimp croquettes.

In their assessments, the jury of food journalists and chefs used a scoring grid to establish a hierarchy for the products they tasted. The distribution of points was based on several criteria, including crunchiness, taste and shrimp quality.

Les Brasseries Georges may use the title of "best shrimp croquette in Brussels" for the entire year following the announcement of the results.

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