Face mask obligation in Molenbeek dropped again

Face mask obligation in Molenbeek dropped again
© Belga/Paul-Henri Verlooy

The recently re-introduced obligation to wear a face mask in the busy streets and markets in the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean has already been dropped again.

The obligation was intended to remain in place for the whole month of April, but has now ended earlier. Strictly speaking, it applied from 1 April, but it was only announced last week.

In the meantime, the obligation has already been lifted again, according to reports by La Capital, which were confirmed to The Brussels Times by Rachid Barghouti, spokesperson for Molenbeek mayor Catherine Moureaux.

"Wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory as of today," he said, adding that the municipality will be distributing 5,000 masks in markets and shopping streets over the next few weeks.

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People aged 12 and over had to wear a mask on the Rue de Ribaucourt, Chaussée de Ninove, Chaussée de Gand, Parvis Saint-Jean-Baptiste, in the street of the municipal Covid-19 test-centre and also in the street of the municipal vaccination centre. Masks are also mandatory at all markets and fairs, as well as in municipal buildings.

"The figures are good: we have seen a 10% drop in the number of infections over the last three weeks. That is enough to lift the measure," Moureaux told La Capitale.

According to the newspaper, hardly any fines were issued for breaches of the measure, and Bruzz previously reported no checks were carried out and no signs to point out the measure were placed in the affected streets.

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