Brussels transit company STIB will replace 411 diesel buses by 2030

Brussels transit company STIB will replace 411 diesel buses by 2030
Credit: Belga

Brussels transit company STIB is looking to replace 411 diesel buses and 402 hybrid ones by 2030.

The next deadline for replacing parts of the fleet is 31 December 2024, La Capitale reports, when Euro5 vehicles will be banned from use in Brussels.

STIB is hoping to meet that requirement and then prepare for an even greater switch by acquiring fully electric vehicles, rather than more hybrid ones.

“Even if the Belgian Interfederal Energy Pact does not yet require electric propulsion for the buses to be replaced by this deadline, the Brussels government has decided to accelerate the energy transition of the bus fleet in the region by having these Euro5 buses replaced by electrically powered buses,” said Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen).

Hybrid buses will also be replaced with electric buses

The replacement will take place in two stages: first, with the 52 Euro5 vehicles in 2024, then with the 361 Euro6 vehicles between 2028 and 2030.

Finally, there is still some time to go before the 402 hybrid buses disappear, as they will be

as they will only be replaced between 2033 and 2036.

There’s a potential they’ll be replaced with hydrogen-powered buses, which are already on the road for testing.

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“The main goal is to collect consumption data on the various STIB lines in Brussels, in cold and hot weather, in congested traffic, and more fluid traffic,” Van den Brandt explained.

“Based on the analysis of this data by STIB, and with the support of the ULB, STIB will be able to determine the quantity of hydrogen that it will need.”

STIB isn’t yet sure what budget is required for the renewal, but in addition to money for replacing the fleet, funding or land will be needed: several town planning permits are being requested that imply the Marly depot will host the new acquisitions.

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